★ Database developer w/ 6yrs on MSSQL Server stack, esp data warehousing ★
★ Arizona State MS CompSci @ Dr. Sandeep Gupta's iMPACT research lab
★ Former Northrop intern (w/ security clearance), next gen UAV (UCAS-D) ★

★ ★ ★

Professional Background

I currently design and write data warehousing logic (ETL) for Tim Mitchell's consulting company Tyleris Data Solutions (based out of Dallas, Texas). Tim is a consumate professional, really (really) sharp, and an all around good fella - you should probably check out his blog. If you have any needs w.r.t. data warehousing send one of us a message. There's a good chance we can help.

Before working with Tim, I was a database developer at Acadian Ambulance of Lafayette, Louisiana. While at Acadian I patched together the team's first automated CI/CD pipeline for database schema and ETL. I did this at the behest of Ben Blanchard, who is probably the best manager I've ever met.

Before Acadian, I was a research assistant / student at Arizona State's iMPACT lab under Drs. Sandeep Gupta and Georgios Varsamopolous. Projects including fluid dynamic simulations for data center airflow; HPC security; UAV coordination models.

Born in Georgia. Currently reside in Nagoya, Japan (名古屋市) where my wife is an assistant professor of English.